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was a project that originally start out as a E-commerce shop front. BioChem is a Sport and fitness system which supplies a huge range or dietary and vitamin supplements.

The original design was intended to be easily scalable so we opted for frames and easy to navigate colour coded pages.

We later settled on a Template driven os-commerce shop front
Perth Cosmetic and Laser Centre
Started as an online flyer. In other words SPAM. Of course this was over 5 years ago before SPAM had the stigma it now has.

They ended up liking design and eventually they gave me a stack of brochures and asked me to "do something with these"
[...Perth Cosmetic and Laser Centre...]

Take note of the lovely pastel style used when creating the main buttons.
This company was a vernture that in Practice Management.

Not much to say about this one

One thing I did like about this site is the top left logos active rollovers. Pop out some info etc...
Where to begin with this one.
I inherited this one from a Sydney finance company that needed some Flash and SQL.

This one took over a year to finalise. But is still pretty cool. It was supposed to be a cash cow. It was released weeks before the big IT bust of 2000.
Optum Australia
Enough said already more links instead

[...CremaCafe...] - For a friends Cafe in West Perth